The conversation with Coppola starts on Sat 12th Dec at 7 PM and it is held without an audience. The live stream of the conversation can be followed free of charge, and the audience can also post questions for Mr. Coppola.

Update on 12th Dec: Depending on Mr. Coppola’s schedules the stream may begin 10-30 mins late.

The renowned filmmaker, producer, and screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola is visiting Helsinki. During his visit, Mr. Coppola will be answering the questions of the audience in a conversation that will be streamed from Kino Regina on Sat 12th Dec from 7 PM on.

Because of the corona restrictions, there will not be a live audience. The audience can follow the stream free of charge on Facebook and Vimeo, and also pose questions for Mr. Coppola. The questions can also be sent beforehand to the Facebook event page in English, Swedish and Finnish. Mr. Coppola will be interviewed by National Audiovisual Institute’s  film programmers Otto Kylmälä and Katri Tenhola.

The stream video will be recorded and it will be available for watching later.