The National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) organizes regular film screenings at the Kino Regina cinema in Oodi library, Töölönlahdenkatu 4, Helsinki. Our archival series cover just about everything from the earliest examples of film history to the latest noteworthy releases: classics and forgotten gems, extensive retrospectives illuminating genre history and changing times.

Film concerts and other special events such as seminars and lectures have attracted a wide following as part of KAVI’s programming. In addition to Kino Regina’s offerings KAVI’s screenings take place in nine other cities around the country.

Kino Regina’s ticket booth opens 30 minutes before each day’s first screening. You can also purchase tickets online whenever convenient for you. You can choose whether you want to register yourself or not at the address (in Finnish only). Click on the shopping cart icon next to the film’s screening information, for instance via the Program Calender (in Finnish only).

Kino Tulio

Kino Regina’s twin theater, Kino Tulio, is a modern cinema with 57 seats. Kino Tulio is mainly aimed at professional use but it can also be rented for private screenings.
Kino Tulio. Address: Sörnäisten rantatie 25 A, 5th floor, Sörnäinen, Helsinki. Information on rental.

Programme in English

Below you will find a list of the films screening at Kino Regina that are either in English or have English subtitles. The films are organized by theme.

NB! The list is subject to change. The latest information will be updated on the film site before the screening. You can browse our screenings by date on our screening schedule and buy tickets online by following the links.

If you have any questions regarding our programming, please email or contact us on Facebook.


Fall 2023 Programme in English


Jean-Luc Godard II

Chosen Moments of Historie(S) of Cinema (English subtitles) November 7th 5 PM & November 11th 4 PM

In Praise of Love (English subtitles) November 14th 5 PM & November 11th 4 PM

See you Friday, Robinson (English subtitles) November 28th 5 PM & December 1st 5 PM


The Diabolical Exorcists

The Devils September 5th 7 PM & September 8th 8:45 PM

The Exorcist September 30th 3 PM & October 13th 9 PM

Exorcist II: The Heretic September 30th 5:30 PM

The Exorcist III September 30th 7:40 PM & October 3rd 9 PM

Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist October 5th 8:50 PM

Exorcist: The Beginning October 8th 7:30 PM

The House of Exorcism October 18th 9 PM

Ruby October 20th 8:45 PM & October 25th 9 PM

The Manitou November 2nd 9 PM & November 4th 7 PM

The Entity November 7th 9 PM & November 10th 9:15 PM

Amityville II: The Possession November 22nd 8:30 PM

The Evil Dead November 25th 7:30 PM & November 29th 9 PM

The Exorcism of Emily Rose December 2nd 6:45 PM


The Absurd Comedies of Czechoslovakia

Daisies (English subtitles) September 7th 7:30 PM & September 8th 5 PM

A Report on the Party and the Guests (English subtitles) September 26th 7 PM & October 4th 9:15 PM

When the Cat Comes (English subtitles) September 27th 7:15 PM & October 7th 1:15 PM

The Murder of Mr. Devil (English subtitles) October 13th 5 PM & November 23rd 9:10 PM

Who wants to kill Jessie? (English subtitles) October 14th 3 PM & October 19th 9:15 PM

A Case for a Rookie Hangman (English subtitles) October 17th 8:45 PM & November 21st 8:45 PM

Happy End (English subtitles) November 2nd 7 PM & November 4th 5 PM

The Firemen’s Ball (English subtitles) November 9th 5 PM & November 11th 7:45 PM


Kino Regina Book Club

Death on the Nile September 6th 5 PM & September 26th 8:30 PM

Psycho October 18th 5 PM & October 21st 7 PM

To Kill a Mockingbird November 15th 5 PM & November 18th 6:30 PM

Frankenstein November 29th 5 PM & December 2nd 3:15 PM


The Taiwanese New Wave

The Sandwich Man (English subtitles) September 12th 6:45 PM & September 14th 5 PM

In Our Time (English subtitles) September 26th 5 PM & September 28th 7 PM

The Boys From Fengkuei (English subtitles) October 3rd 5 PM & October 7th 5:15 PM

That Day, On the Beach (English subtitles) October 11th 7:15 PM & October 14th 4:30 PM

Growing Up (English subtitles) October 17th 5 PM & October 21st 3:30 PM

A Time to Live, a Time to Die (English subtitles) October 24th 5 PM & October 29th 4:45 PM

Dust in the Wind (English subtitles) November 7th 6:45 PM & November 11th 5:40 PM

Kuei-Mei, a Woman (English subtitles) November 15th 8 PM & November 19th 5:45 PM

Daughter of the Nile (English subtitles) November 22nd 6:40 PM & November 24th 5 PM

A Brighter Summer Day (English subtitles) November 30th 5 PM & December 3rd 3:15 PM


Ukraine Experimental

Desirous Bodies, Insane War (English subtitles) September 7th 9 PM


Irwin Allen: Master of Disaster

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Fossil Men September 5th 9:05 PM & September 10th 6:45 PM

City Beneath the Sea September 13th 9 PM

The Poseidon Adventure September 28th 9 PM & October 1st 5:30 PM

The Towering Inferno October 6th 5:30 PM

Fire! October 10th 8:45 PM

The Swarm October 22nd 5:30 PM

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure October 26th 9 PM

The Sea Around Us October 29th 6:30 PM & December 2nd 2 PM

The Lost World November 2nd 5 PM & November 9th 8:45 PM

Five Weeks in a Balloon November 5th 6 PM & November 16th 9 PM

Double Dynamite November 21st 5 PM

The Story of Mankind November 30th 9:15 PM

When Time Ran Out… December 3rd 7:30 PM


The Walt Disney Company Centenniary II

Mulan October 14th 1:15 PM

Lilo & Stitch November 5th 2 PM


Pam Grier

Coffy September 9th 7:30 PM & September 27th 9:15 PM

Foxy Brown September 14th 9 PM & September 29th 9 PM

Friday Foster October 6th 9 PM

Sheba, Baby October 20th 6:45 PM

Fort Apache, The Bronx November 24th 8:45 PM

Jackie Brown December 1st 8:30 PM


Director’s Club – Fall 2023

Kukaan ei katso sinua silmiin (English subtitles) September 13th 5 PM

Miten korjata maailma (English subtitles) October 11th 5 PM

Heartbeast (English subtitles) November 8th 5 PM


Henry Bacon & The Seventh Art

Senso September 29th 4:45 PM & October 12th 5PM

An Actor’s Revenge (English subtitles) November 21st 6:35 PM & November 26th 4 PM


Cinematic Heaven

Invaders from Mars (4K DCP) October 5th 6:50 PM

Invaders from Mars (35 mm Supercinecolor) October 7th 3:15 PM

Arabesque October 26th 5 PM & October 28th 2 PM


Movie of the Month

The Bride (English subtitles) October 7th 7:15 PM & October 12th 7:15 PM & October 25th 7:30 PM


Kelly Reichardt

River of Grass October 10th 7:15 PM & October 14th 7:45 PM

Old Joy October 18th 7:30 PM & October 21st 5:30 PM

Wendy and Lucy October 24th 9:15 PM & October 27th 5 PM

Meek’s Cutoff October 31st 9 PM & November 3rd 5 PM

Night Moves November 9th 6:30 PM & November 12th 6 PM

Certain Women November 14th 7 PM & November 17th 5 PM

First Cow November 23rd 5 PM & November 26th 6:10 PM


Cinema and the Psyche: Power and the Destructiveness of Man

Grave of the Fireflies (English subtitles) November 17th 9 PM

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb November 19th 3:45 PM


Maya Deren

Maya Deren I: Experimental Film Concert November 16th 5 PM

Maya Deren II: Deren & Teiji Ito November 23rd 7:20 PM