The National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) organizes regular film screenings at the Kino Regina cinema in Oodi library, Töölönlahdenkatu 4, Helsinki. Our archival series cover just about everything from the earliest examples of film history to the latest noteworthy releases: classics and forgotten gems, extensive retrospectives illuminating genre history and changing times.

Film concerts and other special events such as seminars and lectures have attracted a wide following as part of KAVI’s programming. In addition to Kino Regina’s offerings KAVI’s screenings take place in nine other cities around the country.

Kino Regina’s ticket booth opens 30 minutes before each day’s first screening. You can also purchase tickets online whenever convenient for you. You can choose whether you want to register yourself or not at the address (in Finnish only). Click on the shopping cart icon next to the film’s screening information, for instance via the Program Calender (in Finnish only).

Bio Valentin

National Audiovisual Institute’s new theatre Bio Valentin, is a modern cinema with 44 seats. Bio Valentin is mainly aimed at professional use but it can also be rented for private screenings. Bio Valentin will open in 2024, more info coming soon!
Address: Kaikukatu 2 C, 6th floor.

Programme in English

Below you will find a list of the films screening at Kino Regina that are either in English or have English subtitles. The films are organized by theme.

NB! The list is subject to change. The latest information will be updated on the film site before the screening. You can browse our screenings by date on our screening schedule and buy tickets online by following the links.

If you have any questions regarding our programming, please email or contact us on Facebook.


Winter 2023/2024 Programme in English


Roberto Rossellini

Germany Year Zero (English subtitles) December 19th 5 PM & December 28th 5 PM

The Machine to Kill Bad People (English subtitles) December 22nd 5 PM & January 7th 4 PM

The Flowers of St. Francis (English subtitles) January 18th 5 PM & January 21st 3:45 PM

Stromboli (English subtitles) January 24th 7 PM & February 9th 5 PM

Europa ’51 (English subtitles) January 25th 4:30 PM & January 28th 3:45 PM

Journey to Italy (English version) February 6th 5 PM & February 11th 4 PM

Joan of Arc at the Stake (English subtitles) February 17th 5:50 PM & February 25th 6 PM


Jane Birkin

Wonderwall December 5th 7 PM & December 8th 9 PM

Romance of a Horsethief December 19th 9:10 PM

I Love You, I Don’t (English version) January 17th 9 PM & February 9th 7 PM

Evil Under the Sun February 7th 8:45 PM & February 11th 6 PM

Love on the Ground (English subtitles) February 14th 8 PM & February 18th 3:45 PM

Boxes (English subtitles) February 29th 7 PM & March 1st 5 PM


Audience’s Choice: Concert Films

Jimi Plays Monterey December 6th 1:45 PM & December 9th 5:30 PM

Jazz on a Summer’s Day December 8th 5 PM

Stop Making Sense December 15th 9 PM

The Band in Concert – The Last Waltz December 20th 9 PM

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars December 28th 8:45 PM & December 30th 6 PM

Woodstock: The Director’s Cut January 6th 1:45 PM

Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii January 9th 7:15 PM & January 13th 5:30 PM

Lou Reed: Berlin January 18th 9 PM & January 20th 5:45 PM

The Song Remains the Same January 27th 7:15 PM

Prince: Sign ’O’ the Times February 8th 9 PM & February 9th 9 PM


Chantal Akerman

Je tu il elle (English subtitles) December 7th 7 PM & December 10th 6 PM

News from Home (English subtitles) December 20th 7:10 PM & December 22nd 7 PM

The Meetings of Anna (English subtitles) December 27th 6:45 PM & December 30th 3:30 PM

Toute une nuit (English subtitles) January 2nd 5 PM & January 4th 9 PM

Golden Eighties (English subtitles) January 11th 6:45 PM & January 14th 6 PM

A Couch in New York January 23rd 7:30 PM & January 28th 6 PM

The Captive (English subtitles) February 15th 5 PM & February 17th 3:35 PM

Almayer’s Folly (English subtitles) February 21st 6:30 PM & February 24th 3:40 PM

No Home Movie (English subtitles) February 29th 4:45 PM & March 2nd 4 PM


Carole Lombard

Twentieth Century January 2nd 7 PM & January 4th 7 PM

Hands Across the Table January 17th 7 PM & January 21st 5:30 PM

My Man Godfrey January 27th 3:30 PM & January 30th 7 PM

True Confession February 7th 7 PM & February 10th 4 PM

Mr. and Mrs. Smith February 13th 6:50 PM & February 16th 5 PM

To Be or Not to Be February 22nd 5 PM & February 25th 4 PM


The Walt Disney Company 100 Years

Dumbo December 23rd 2 PM & December 26th 2 PM


Film History Winter 2024

All Quiet on the Western Front January 23rd 5 PM & January 26th 4:30 PM

Ingeborg Holm (English subtitles) January 30th 5 PM

Journey to Italy (English version) February 6th 5 PM & February 11th 4 PM


Top Secret 1980’s

For Your Eyes Only December 9th 7 PM

Octopussy December 16th 4:15 PM

Never Say Never Again December 16th 6:45 PM & December 22nd 8:45 PM

The Soldier December 27th 9:15 PM & December 29th 9:15 PM

Enigma January 2nd 9 PM & January 5th 9 PM

Firefox January 9th 8:45 PM & January 11th 8:45 PM

Who Dares Wins January 16th 8:30 PM & January 19th 9:10 PM

The Little Drummer Girl February 6th 9 PM & February 13th 8:50 PM

Remo Williams: Unarmed and Dangerous February 20th 8:45 PM & February 22nd 9 PM

Top Secret! February 28th 9:15 PM & March 2nd 6:15 PM


H. B. Halicki

Gone in 60 Seconds January 20th 7:30 PM & January 26th 7:15 PM

Junkman January 26th 9:15 PM


Introduction to Polish Film History

Border Street January 25th 6:45 PM & February 16th 6:45 PM

Konopielka (English subtitles) February 15th 7:15 PM

Nothing Funny (English subtitles) February 22nd 7 PM


A Gig for All Times

Topkapi December 5th 8:50 PM & December 9th 6:45 PM

Kelly’s Heroes December 6th 3:10 PM & December 29th 6:30 PM

The Hot Rock December 12th 9 PM

The Sting December 19th 6:40 PM & December 26th 3:30 PM

Ocean’s Eleven December 31st 3:30 PM

The Italian Job January 3rd 7 PM & January 7th 6 PM

$ (Dollars) January 10th 8 PM & January 13th 6:50 PM

Kaleidoscope January 12th 6:30 PM

Gone in 60 Seconds January 20th 7:30 PM & January 26th 7:15 PM

11 Harrowhouse January 24th 9:15 PM

Seven Golden Men Strike Again (English version) January 27th 5:20 PM

Diamonds February 16th 9 PM

The Five Man Army February 24th 8 PM

Vabank (English subtitles) February 27th 9:15 PM & March 3rd 6:30 PM


Kenneth Anger

Kenneth Anger I February 20th 7 PM & February 23rd 9:15 PM

Kenneth Anger II February 27th 7:45 PM & March 1st 9:15 PM


Kino Regina Book Club

A Clockwork Orange January 8th 6:15 PM & January 12th 8:30 PM

All Quiet on the Western Front January 23rd 5 PM & January 26th 4:30 PM

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? February 23rd 5 PM & February 29th 9 PM


Film Concert

Stella Dallas January 19th 7 PM


Film of the Month

A Bunch of Amateurs December 7th 8:45 PM, December 23rd 3:30 PM & December 26th 6 PM

I Have Electric Dreams (English subtitles) January 6th 6 PM, January 18th 6:45 PM & January 30th 9 PM

The Castle (English subtitles) February 10th 6 PM, February 15th 9:15 PM & February 23rd 7:30 PM


Director’s Club

Family Time (English subtitles) December 13th 5 PM

Four Little Adults (English subtitles) January 10th 5 PM

Siblings (English subtitles) February 14th 5 PM


Travolta Fever!

Saturday Night Fever February 17th 7:20 PM

Staying Alive 70 mm February 18th 7:15 PM