National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) organizes regular film screenings at the Kino Regina cinema in Helsinki. Archival series cover just about everything from the earliest examples of film history to the latest noteworthy releases: classics and forgotten gems, extensive retrospectives illuminating genre history and changing times.

Film concerts and other special events such as seminars and lectures have attracted a wide following as part of KAVI’s programming. In addition to Kino Regina’s offerings KAVI’s screenings take place in nine other cities around the country.

Kino Regina’s ticket booth opens 45 minutes before each day’s first screening. You can also purchase tickets online whenever convenient for you. You can choose whether you want to register yourself or not at the address (in Finnish only). Click on the shopping cart icon next to the film’s screening information, for instance via the Program Calender (in Finnish only).

Kino Tulio

Kino Regina’s twin theater, Kino Tulio, is a modern cinema with 57 seats. Kino Tulio is mainly aimed at professional use but it can also be rented for private screenings.

Kino Tulio. Address: Sörnäisten rantatie 25 A, 5th floor, Sörnäinen, Helsinki. Information on rental.

Fall/Winter 2021 Programme in English

Below you will find a list of the movies playing in Kino Regina that are either in English or have English subtitles. The films are organized by theme.

NB! The list is subject to change.

You can browse our screenings by date on our screening schedule and buy tickets online by following the links.

If you have any questions regarding our programming, please email or contact us on Facebook.


The Tale of the White Serpent (English subtitles)

Perfect Blue (English subtitles)

Metropolis (English subtitles)

Wolf Children (English subtitles)

International Day of Animation

TAFF presents: Animated documentaries (2019-2020)

Michelangelo Antonioni


Zabriskie Point

The Passenger/Professione: Reporter

The Red Desert (English subtitles)

Carte blanche à Timo Matoniemi


McCabe and Mrs. Miller

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Finnish Screenwriters Centennial

The River/Joki (English subtitles)

Force of Habit/Tottumiskysymys (English subtitles)

Tom Laughlin

Billy Jack

The Trial of Billy Jack

The Master Gunfighter

African Express

Black Girl (English subtitles)

Touki Bouki (English subtitles)

Chronicle of the Years of Fire (English subtitles)

West Indies (English subtitles)

Andrei Konchalovsky

Runaway Train

Tango & Cash

The Postman’s White Nights (English subtitles)

Dear Comrades! (English subtitles)

Francis Ford Coppola

Finian’s Rainbow

The Rain People

The Godfather

The Conversation

The Godfather: Part II

One from the Heart

The Outsiders

Rumble Fish

The Cotton Club

Peggy Sue Got Married

Gardens of Stone

Tucker: The Man and His Dream

The Godfather: Part III

Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone

The Rainmaker

Apocalypse Now Final Cut

Film of the Month



Under the Open Sky

Mia Hansen-Løve

Bergman Island

Father of My Children (English subtitles)

Eden (English subtitles)

The Director’s Club

Goodbye Soviet Union/Näkemiin Neuvostoliitto (English subtitles)

Fucking with Nobody (English subtitles)

Diva of Finland (English subtitles)

Any Day Now/Ensilumi (English subtitles)

Monthly Double Bill


Edward Scissorhands

The Great Dictator

To Be or Not to Be

Brief Encounter

Scarface (1932)

Scarface (1983)

Peter Jackson 60 years

Bad Taste

Meet the Feebles


The History of Film

Film History lectures are held in English

Cabiria (English intertitles)

A Man There Was/Terje Vigen (English subtitles)


The Adventures of Robin Hood

Crime Wave

Baltian Short Documentaries

Lithuania I (English subtitles)

Lithuania II (English subtitles)

Estonia I (English subtitles)

Charles Bronson 100 years

The Dirty Dozen

Once Upon a Time in the West (English version)


Chato’s Land


Hard Times

From Noon till Three


Crime Wave

10 to Midnight

Bogie & Bacall

To Have and Have Not

The Big Sleep

Dark Passage

Key Largo

How to Marry a Millionaire

The African Queen

Written on the Wind


Elaine May

A New Leaf

The Heartbreak Kid

Mikey & Nicky



The Birdcage

The Kingdom/Riget

Riget I (English subtitles)

Riget II (English subtitles