Due to the new covid-19 restrictions in the Uusimaa region, Kino Regina will be closed from November 23rd until December 18th.

In Kino Regina, we take all restrictions seriously. Our main concern is to diminish the contagion rates during these three weeks and to slow down the spreading of the virus.

From December 19th on, our screenings will continue as previously scheduled. We intend to screen all now cancelled films in February, if possible.

The dates for rescheduled screenings will be announced in December. Already purchased tickets are valid for the rescheduled screenings on the new dates. Because of the scheduling changes, customers can also ask for compensation for their tickets. If you want to cancel your ticket, please fill in the form at www.eventio.com/peruutus.

The time Kino Regina is closed will be automatically compensated in membership cards and serial tickets.